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Cleveland Metromix

The fully fleshed-out, all-encompassing concept sets Forsaken apart. The $20 admission price, which includes a trip through each lengthy attraction, is well worth the cost and the drive out to Mentor. Just don’t eat the corn! Click the link to read more! Cleveland Metromix Review Oct. 7th, 2011

Lady Hecate's Ohio Haunted Houses Review

One of the best haunted attractions in NE Ohio guys! Keep up the most scariest!

Cleveland, Ohio Haunted Houses – Forsaken Haunted House by Todd Jirecek

Forsaken Customer Reviews

Forsaken Haunt 2012 Reviews

We came out for my friends 30th birthday & we all loved it! I am a huge Halloween fan with a huge love for haunted houses & I travel pretty far to go to them. Forsaken had things I have NEVER seen anywhere else. One that made me literally jump up and over an actors head and two separate things that made me run like a little b*tch (feel free to edit that the way you want lol). I am not easy to scare but I had a few times at Forsaken that I was squirming and running. The shoeshine kid had me cracking up and the lady with the pills in the lobby was great too. I think its fun and important to mix fun with fear. I loved that all of the actors are not teenagers... it really creates a different dimension. I cant wait to come back next year!!! Also, thank you for making sure there is enough time in between groups so everyone is scared! Overall.... AWESOME!

-Nicole Cunningham

If you haven't been to the 3 haunted houses at Foresaken off of Tyler Blvd. in Mentor - you need to try it! Lots of fun! Be prepared to scream and laugh:)

-Carol Szidik Ryan

We went with friends friday night for glow stick night... I have to say, you put Universal Halloween Horror Nights to shame! We're from orlando, fl and go there every year... But by far that was the most intensely fun haunted house I have ever been to. Being grabbed and almost torn away from my boyfriend actually made it scary for me, which is hard bc I don't scare easy anymore. We all loved it so much, we'll make it a point to come every year for it!! Great job!

-Nicole Fusco

This was about a 2 hour drive for me and was really good. I was leary cuz parking lot was kinda empty, but I was shocked when I went thru it. Was well worth the drive :)

-Shawnee Grunden

We all had a great time last night at the forsaken haunted house, well worth the admission.

-Sue Mccarter-Hawn

Had a blast going through FORSAKEN as a customer last night!! This haunted house truly is the BEST in the area!

-Andrew Jeschelnig

Had a great time ..very Kool!! :P I really wanted to take it all in lots of wicked detail. Need to come back maybe tomrrow w my sister.

-Kris Mance

This place gets better every year!!

-Rockin Pnemonia

Well worth the money! You have to go! We screamed the whole time, the scenes were awesome and the actors very scary ;)

-Lisa Gavlick Guthleben

Forsaken Haunt 2011 Reviews

Forsaken Haunted House, you did EXCELLENT work last night! There were so many elements that I have not before seen!! Your zombies were top notch! To my friends who have not taken a trip out to see this haunted house, you're missing out! A definite "do not miss" experience for October.

-Summer Aims

Awesome place and amazing attention to detail! I go to a lot of these believe me and this is right up there with some of the best. The actors where great and played the unique idea of a story well and there where a lot of actors which is something you don't always see. I am looking forward to next year in hopes it will be larger and a few more animatronics for an even bigger WOW factor...

-Josh Kniseley

Great start to what I hope is a long run for this haunted house. Great attention to detail and will only get better with time to tinker with it. Enjoyed it very much.

-Jim Bycznski

We had a great time. The attention to detail was very apparent. The people working there were extremely polite and helpful, and the actors were great. Seeing the details in the different rooms was great. Overall, great experience.

-Taryn Citraro Winney

I just want to say that I was there last night and it was my first haunted house ever.. I LOVED IT!!! Best experience of my life and now I'm hooked :) You all did a fantastic job!! Keep it up!

-Trisha Dovich

5 Stars! Wow factor for sure. The sets are cohesive and the details are really well thought out, the actors are awesome and you get so much personal attention and they make sure to space you out, fantastic!


We had a great time of the kids I took said that it was way better than 7 Floors of Hell!

-Coleen Drake Yahner


-Treven Warner

We had a blast, especially in The District! Also the actors wandering in between houses are awesome, keep up the good work!

-Jenna Charlton